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Global Tax Alliance (GTA) Private Limited is one of the leading accountancy & an advisory firm based out of Delhi. GTA has gradually over the years gathered a cumulative work experience of over 35 years.

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The founding team aims towards personifying excellence in accountancy & consulting industry. Led by an eminent & highly experienced set of partners which is well complemented by a team of multi-disciplinary professionals, the team is focused towards client satisfaction. All our team members spread across the world know their local regulations and customs inside out. With their solid reputation and enviable contact book and there’s no doubt that we give your business the competitive advantage.
GTA gives you access to top-quality advisory and exceptional services wherever in the world you happen to do business activity. We are already catering to clients who are diversified on geographical grounds and spread across various sectors.
We are one stop solution for all professional needs when it is utmost important for business to take decisions that will shape their future, they need someone who really gets on to them, guide them and work as an ally with them. Each one of the assignments is handled with expertise and support.
High Quality and integrity, along with growth for our clients is our primary aim and drives us constantly with our passion.

To be recognized as a key Indian service provider of professional & strategic consulting for the sustainable development of Global Economies.

Provide you with realistic and executable solutions to help you make the best decisions for the successful growth of your business and its international expansion across the globe.

We work on I Q C Policy i.e. Integrity Quality & Collaboration.
We tend to offer the very best advice because of our talented team of experts. Our monitoring and inspection system ensures that we hold ourselves to the highest international standards of quality, ethics and working practices. We have cultivated an organization wide culture to maintain integrity and confidentiality of client information.
As a team, we work side by side with our assets to understand their dreams & ambitions and tackle them.
Our processes are designed in line with best industry practices and quality standards, which are open to flexibility according to the situational needs

At GTA, each one of our client is our most valuable assets, we thrive and focus towards an eased business solution for our assets. Our client is an inherent part of our family, whose well-being, financial and regulatory health is the prime objective that drives our motivation towards excellence.
Whatever may be the challenge; our team member will be on hand to provide an expert support. And if at all we come across something we don’t know, we’ll find and thrive more to find the best possible solution with our experts contact.
We invest in our client to understand his business, specific needs and design requisite solutions using our talent, competence and experience.
Our merit lies in providing continued high quality services, to achieve client’s objective and purpose.




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