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What do we do?

GTA is India’s upcoming accounting firm. We are a full - service firm that operates as a finance guide for a wide variety of Indian as well as International businesses.
All of our clients have uninterrupted access to a team of specialists who are equipped to help with taxes, advisory, book-keeping, payroll, accounts payable, and other financial services.

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What Process we have to go through?
If you'd like to work with us, yes certain process needs to be followed.
The goal of this process is to get as much right as possible from the start. There's nothing worse than agreeing to a 'standard price or a lower price' from another firm and then experiencing regret later on, when you both realize a lot of important information was missed.

How long does this process take?
After the first call or meeting, you'll have a fair idea whether or not we will be able to help you, along with a general idea of the scope of services we could provide and a relative price range. The complete process, from the initial discovery call to your pricing call, usually takes around 2-3 business days. This allows us to put together a plan for your unique situation.

What's the worst part of this process?
We've heard that if you've already got a quote from another firm, waiting a few days can sometimes feel like a long time. To overcome this, our concerned vertical head can usually give you a price range on your first call after he gets a feel for what our association could look like.

What can I expect if I hire you?
We tend to be the last accounting firm a company works with before bringing everything in-house. While other firms may be charging relatively a cheaper pricing, few have the depth, abilities or experience to keep your stress levels low and get it right the first time.
To that end, we serve you the way we'd want to be served and never settle for mediocrity.




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